PSC5 modules enable the simultaneous acquisition of five differential pressures. The reference pressure lines of all transducers are connected to one pressure connection. Unidirectional and bidirectional pressure ranges from 125 Pa to 15 kPa are available, with all channels being equipped with the same sensor type. The compact design of the transducers allows them to be placed close to the pressure measuring point, so that damping caused by long hose lines can be minimized. By default, the measurement data are read out via a USB interface.

The PSC5 pressure scanner is also available with CAN bus interface (M8 connector). Upon customer request, each pressure channel can be equipped with its own reference pressure port. In addition, a barometer can be installed.


  • Sampling rates up to 100Hz
  • Power supply via USB or CAN bus interface, wide voltage range (7-24V)
  • The measured data can be read out via USB. In the CAN version, data is transferred via the CAN bus (CAN 2.0A or CAN2.0B)
  • The PSCx-CAN modules can be cascaded via an M8 sensor cable
  • A DBC file with the calibration data is supplied
  • Simple configuration of the CAN parameters and reading out the measured values for diagnostic purposes via the USB interface