The hot-wire probes of the HWP10/xx series are designed for operation in combination with hot-wire bridges of the type eCTA, aCTA and eCCT. They are suitable for dynamic measurements of the flow velocity in air. Due to the measuring principle the probes are especially suitable for low flow velocities. The calibrated velocity range reaches up to 50m/s. Measurements of higher velocities are possible. The use in other gases than air is possible in principle, however, a special calibration has to be carried out. It should be noted that particles in the flow field can destroy the wire. In addition, a contamination of the hot wire influences the characteristic curve of the probe.

Four different types are available:
– HWP 10/00, orientation: 0°
– HWP 10/45, orientation: 45°
– HWP 10/90, orientation: 90°
– HWP 10/90g, orientation: 90° curved

Technical Data
Ambient conditions
Fluid Air, other non-corrosive gases possible
Flow velocity 0 m/s … 50 m/s (>50 m/s requires custom calibration)
Temperature -40°C … 80°C
Humidity non-condensing
Fluid must be free of particles and pollutants, no explosive gases!
Accuracy in combination with aCTA, eCTA and eCCT hot-wire bridges
Velocity 0 m/s … 20 m/s 0.1 m/s + 0.5 % RD
Velocity 20 m/s … 50 m/s 1 % RD
Plug Binder 711 2-pin
Cable 2x 0.14 mm², 80 cm (not extendable due to calibration)
Dimensions d=10 μm, l=4 mm
Material Tungsten, gold-plated