In the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics we provide:


• Consulting, analysis and optimization of aerodyamic applications

• Preparation, supervision and evaluation of wind tunnel experiments or field tests

• Determination of wind loads on buildings and other structures

• CFD / flow simulation in the framework of our cooperation partners

• Development and calibration of aerodynamic probes

Test and Measurement

The organization of an experimental technical solution is usually divided into 5 main topics:


 1. Analysis of the problem and determination of the requirements

2. Design of hardware with selection of sensors and data acquisition

3. Manufacturing or procurement and buildup of the hardware

4. Programming of the control and data acquisition

5. Documentation

We have focused on special solutions and one-off production, always trying to keep cost down by using standard components and already developed components of our own.

We offer:

1.  Layout and implementation of data acquisition systems

2. Dimensioning, design and production of test equipment and test benches

3. Complete systems customized to your requirements

4. Expansion and upgrading of existing equipment and systems

5. Implementation of external devices (USB, LAN, RS232, RS485, CAN, EtherCAT,…)

6. Creation of customized applications


Predominantly, we use LabVIEW® for data acquisition, analysis and control of the experiment.
Programming with LabVIEW® we can use our wide knowledge and our experience as we already started work under LabVIEW® version 3.1. more than 13 years ago.

Our capabilities comprise of:

• Development of new programs

• Enhancement and modification of existing applications

• Migration from Windows® to Linux and vice versa

• Hardware integration (e.g. CAN-Bus, CCP/A2L, Beckhoff, …)

• Development of drivers, integration of C code and dll’s

• Development of executables and installer (application builder)

Since 2013 we are an official Alliance Partner of National Instruments