PSC16 modules enable the simultaneous acquisition of 16 differential pressures. The reference pressure lines of all channels are either connected together on one pressure port or differentially switched, depending on the customer’s requirements. Each channel can be equipped individually according to customer specifications. Unidirectional and bidirectional pressure ranges from 125 Pa to 15 kPa are available. By default, the measurement data is read out via a USB interface.

All PSC16 pressure scanners are optionally available with Ethernet (LAN), RS232 (SubD) or CAN bus interface (M8).


  • The data transmission is carried out as ASCII text in the unit Pascal [Pa] via the selected interface. The transmission rate can be set in the range between 1 and 50Hz using a simple protocol.
  • A tare function can be triggered either by pressing the tare button on the front panel or by a software command.
  • The pressure scanner is powered by the USB port or by an external power supply. The voltage range is 7-24 VDC. In the CAN-version power is supplied via the CAN-Bus interface.
  • PSCx-CAN modules can be cascaded via an M8 sensor cable.
  • Since the pressure scanner logs into the system as a virtual COM port, any software that supports the RS232 protocol can be used. A LabVIEW sample program is included.