The PSC8-MV allows the connection of eight differential pressures, each with its own reference pressure port. This version has a built-in magnetic valves for automatic zero calibration of the sensors. Each channel can be individually according to customer specifications.

Ethernet- (LAN), RS232- (SubD) or CAN-interfaces are optionally available. Moreover, there is a special version where each pressure port has its own reference port.

The device has the following properties:

  • The data is transmitted as ASCII text in the unit Pascal [Pa]. Through a simple protocol, the transmission rate can be adjusted in the range between 1 and 50Hz.
  • A TARE function (PSC24) can be triggered either by pressing the TARE button on the front panel or via a software command.
  • The 8-channel model (PSC8-MV) is optionally available with built-in magnetic valves with an automatic zero calibration of the sensors while the pressure is attached.
  • The power supply of the pressure scanner is provided via the USB port. For the variant with megnetic valves (PSC8-MV) an external power supply is necessary.
  • Since the pressure scanner logs as a virtual COM port in the system, any software can be used, which supports the RS232 protocol. A sample program for use with LabVIEW is included.