The PSC24-DIF can measure up to 24 pressure channels. In this version each pressure port has its own reference pressure port. There are several pressure ranges to choose from, all channels are equipped with the same sensor types. All PSC’s are equipped with an USB-port to read measurement data.

Ethernet- (LAN), RS232- (SubD) or CAN-interfaces are optionally available.

The device has the following properties:

  • The data is transmitted as ASCII text in the unit Pascal [Pa]. Through a simple protocol, the transmission rate can be adjusted in the range between 1 and 50Hz.
  • A TARE function (PSC24) can be triggered either by pressing the TARE button on the front panel or via a software command.
  • The 8-channel model (PSC8-MV) is optionally available with built-in magnetic valves with an automatic zero calibration of the sensors while the pressure is attached.
  • The power supply of the pressure scanner is provided via the USB port. For the variant with megnetic valves (PSC8-MV) an external power supply is necessary.
  • Since the pressure scanner logs as a virtual COM port in the system, any software can be used, which supports the RS232 protocol. A sample program for use with LabVIEW is included.