The PSC5-CAN devices offer the ability for simultaneous measurements of up to 5 differential pressures. Each channel uses its own pressure reference port. The compact size of the device allows placing it close to the probe locations and hereby minimizing unwanted dampening effects of long tubes.

Data is transmitted via the proven and reliable CAN bus interface, which also allows to daisy-chain nearly any number of modules. Thus, test scenarios with extremely high numbers of measurement points are possible.


  • Data transmission via CAN bus (CAN 2.0A or 2.0B)
  • Daisy chain via 4-pin M8 sensor cable
  • Acquisition rate up to 500 Hz
  • Wide range of input voltages (7 – 24 V)
  • A dbc file with calibration data is provided in the scope of delivery
  • Simple configuration of CAN-parameters via USB interface
  • Measurement data can be read via USB for diagnostic purposes as well